Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Foodie Find: Pasta Measuring Tool

One thing that I always have issues with is knowing how much pasta to cook. When you're making dinner for two, it seems to be even more difficult. I mainly struggle with this when making normal spaghetti or angel hair, simply because whenever I put the dry pasta in the pot, it never seems like enough.

A standard serving of pasta for two is two ounces. I ask you, what does two ounces of pasta actually look like? Because, I have no clue. Or least I had no clue. After doing some research, two ounces measures the diameter of a quarter, which yields about one cup of cooked pasta. However, if you're like me and will forget this fun little fact, there are other ways to get your measurement correct for two servings and beyond.
from Target
If you don't have a ton of storage space in your kitchen, 
this compact tool is a great option.

from Sur La Table
This tool has a sliding scale that measures servings from 1-4.

from Unica Home
A multi-functioning tool not only measures serving sizes 
but doubles as a trivet for your hot pot.

Do you use any tricks for making sure you cook the right amount of pasta? I'd love to hear any tips you might have!


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