Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not goodbye--see you soon!

Last Friday, we were lucky enough to meet up with most of our friends for a fun night out. While this wasn't unusual, there was a reason for this meet-up. A few months ago, our friends Billie and Jason made the decision to move to the East Coast to be closer to her family. Jason landed a new job in their new city in July while Billie finished her last few weeks up at her job in Kansas City. Last Thursday, Jason flew home to "collect his cat and his wife" and the next night, we all came together to wish them well. Friday was a fun, emotional night and I don't think I have ever cried so much in a bar before in my life. If any of you were out in the Waldo area and saw a girl in a purple cardigan who was bawling her eyes out, that was me. Please accept my apologies.

See, you don't often find friends like the Orr's. I met Billie and Jason while Dave was in Iraq, so the only things they knew about him were what I had shared in the few months leading up to his two-week leave from his tour. The night they met, you would have thought they were friends just as long as I had been with them, if not longer.

Johns' Upper Deck, July 2005

We watched countless KU football and basketball games, and even witnessed a National Championship victory together.
Big XII Basketball Tournament, March 2008

We tasted wine. On this day, it happened to be all day long.
Pinot Pushers, August 2008

We turned 30.
(Well, everyone but me did.)
Birthday Brothers 30th Celebration, March 2009

Most importantly, we had fun. Sometimes too much, but that's never a bad thing when you're with good friends. There were ups, there were downs and there was life--Dave and I feel very fortunate that we were able to experience all of these things with the Orr's.  The past five years have been filled with great memories and even though we're not all living in the same city, I know the future has more wonderful things planned for the four of us to experience together.

Thank you, Billie and Jason for being such good friends. And since you are just now joining the digital age and probably don't know what a blog is--I'll be printing and mailing this entry to you :)


Rach said...

Aww. I miss them. I had my last lunch with Billie before I switched jobs and left downtown. Tell her I said hi please! And tell her to get on Facebook and the Blog scene!!

Dawnie said...

Aw, it's hard when good friends move away! I think it's a lot easier to keep up now than it used to be, though, with email, blogs, facebook, etc. Our best friends live in North Platte, Nebraska and we recently discovered Skype. Have you heard of it? We can have a video conference with them using our computer and it's *almost* like sitting in their living room. Best part is, it's free!

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