Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Magazine redesign

I finally got around to reading the most recent issue of Cooking Light, which is another one of my monthly magazines that I make sure read soon after it arrives in the mail. (What can I say--it's been a busy month. This one may have set on the entryway table for a couple of weeks). I generally enjoy reading Cooking Light, but can't say that it's one of my go-to's when it comes my recipe searches. Sure, I'll tear things out when they sound good, but the chances of that recipe ever getting made is doubtful.

Finally it looks like the publisher of Cooking Light, Southern Progress Corporation, took a hint from one of my other favorite foodie pubs and made some improvments starting in the September issue. The most noticable improvement is that the magazine just looks cleaner. From the photographs to the type face and even the white space, it now features a much more clean looking page.

My new favorite thing about the magazine is that now, there is a picture of EVERY recipe that is featured in the publication. Imagine that! Pictures of the recipes that you want to make. If anything, this may just mean that out of all those recipes I tear out each month, I actually make a dish or two.


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