Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Target, how I love thee!

Today was a busy day, between deadlines, client meetings and the ever important happy hour after work. One of the best things about my job is that we have a casual dress code, so it's super easy to transition from the work day to a fun night out; that is where my latest shopping find comes in. Last weekend, I was searching through the Target summer clearance racks and stumbled upon this find:

I actually already have this dress in the Emerald color, but from the moment I saw it in plum I knew that it had to be mine. As I approached the rack, a little prayer was said in hopes it would be in my size. As luck would have it the dress was actually a size smaller than my Emerald one, which in the end I liked better. Upon looking at the price tag, I was even more ecstatic because it was only $5.24! And since it was missing the belt, the checkout person was nice enough to give me an extra 10% of the sale price. I actually love the look of it without the belt. With the perfect gold sandals and accessories, you can't go wrong with this look!


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