Monday, August 24, 2009

Pizza this, pizza that...

A few weeks ago, our good friend Brian challenged Dave to a Bobby Flay style throwdown. The boys had been discussing doing this for a few months, so when the e-mail hit our inboxes with the challenge we weren't surprised. What did astonish me a bit is the dish that Brian chose to throwdown with. Dave worked at the same pizza chain for nearly 10 years and everyone knows his obsession with what he considers a delicacy. If it were up to him we would probably eat pizza on a more frequent basis, but we compromise by having it three or four times a month. More recently, he has been experimenting with unique ways to prepare the dish but I can't give those secrets away until after Saturday.

To further equip our already overflowing kitchen, Dave has been on the hunt for more pizza tools to add to the mix. It's not enough that we have a pizza stone, a pizza peel and a pizza crisper. He had to have this:

Yes, that's a pizza chopper. Because no throwdown win would be complete if your pizza pieces weren't cut perfectly straight.


Chasing Davies said...

This could also be used a weapon.

I can't wait for some pizza ideas! :)

Brian Rules the World said...

Cool, I was hoping Dave had one of those. Too bad it's going to be used to cut the pizza that defeats him... :-)

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