Thursday, December 3, 2009

A farewell to Mangino

After much speculation, Mark Mangino resigned as head coach of the University of Kansas football team this afternoon. Rumors of player mistreatment have been circulating for weeks and a formal investigation was launched prior to the end of the season. While I certainly don't condone any mental or physical abuse--I wonder what Division I football coach doesn't get in the faces of his players from time to time. I can't imagine that Mangiono is the worst of the millions of coaches out there.

I think that Lew Perkins and the KU athletic department are making a big mistake. Mangino brought more success and tradition to the football program in the past eight years than it had seen in the previous 10. Being an KU alumna myself, I remember going to football games my freshman year of college with hardly any KU supporters in attendance. When attending a game this fall against Southern Miss, the bleachers were full and you could feel the pride of the fans in the air, knowing that we were no longer just a basketball school.

Alumni, students and fans owe Mark Mangino a huge thank you, as he finally allowed us to know what it was like to have a winning football program. Coach--I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.


Leslie said...

Has he really been there 8 years? Wow, I didn't think it had been that long.

Erica said...

I know, it doesn't seem like it was that long at all!

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